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Multitank- The New, Sustainable Intermediate Bulk Container

Multitank is an RPP plastic bulk container that has greater economic benefits when compared to single-use containers such as drums or IBC.

They’re nestable, IoT-ready, leakproof, and have a 6 to 1 return ratio due to their unique shape. This clever design allows for the empty-nesting capability, providing key cost and sustainability benefits throughout the supply chain.

Multitank has a variety of features available to customise the container to your particular requirements, including; safety pins, seal and tag options, track and tracing capability, and wheel options for easy inter-warehouse movement.

Supporting Sustainability with Multitank

Multitank is an easy way for businesses to achieve their internal sustainability goals and lessen their impact on the environment, while ensuring their product remains protected.

The circular packaging solution that Multitank provides incorporates the key principles of circular economy design, leading towards more sustainable outcomes that are proven throughout the supply chain.

By replacing single-use, one-way commercial packaging products like plastic drums and IBC with the re-useable, durable Multitank, you can reduce waste and CO₂ emissions associated with transporting and holding bulk goods. From fruit and vegetable products, nuts and grains, meat and seafood, and even liquid products like sauces, juices, oils and pastes, Multitank can do it all.

Multitank also provides a Reduction Emissions Certificate to show the incredible difference a re-useable, nestable product can make to your business.

Key Features:

Returnable and reusable bulk container

For storage & transport of bulk products including solids, liquids, semi-liquids

Eliminates commercial packaging costs

Optimal storage space

Reduced Co2 emissions

Multitank Sustainable Intermediate Bulk Container
Multitank Sustainable Intermediate Bulk Container


Food grade certified

Anti-levitation and separator nets

For specific uses.

Liquid watertight & airtight

Stackable in transport

When filled with product.

Multitank Sustainable Intermediate Bulk ContainerMultitank Sustainable Intermediate Bulk Container

Rated to 500kg for static loading, 1000kg for dynamic loading

Nestable to 10 high

When backloading/storing.

Combination of smart features

Including discharge hole, pressure relief valve, inspection access points, belt holders & seals for tamper evidence

Wheel Fastening available

for internal factory use.

Multitank Sustainable Intermediate Bulk Container

Custom tipper, dumper and washers

Available designed for unit.

UN Certified to carry hazardous material

6 to 1 return ratio

Reduction Emission Certificates

Available to show the incredible difference by using reusable bulk packaging.

Multitank Sustainable Intermediate Bulk Container

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