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Oceanic Agencies is proud to offer a range of roto moulded insulated bins & fish tubs suited to the seafood industry and other food related industries.  They are strong, double walled units with the outer layers constructed from food grade polyethylene (PE) polymers which are durable and UV stabilised.  The internal layer consists of a dense polyurethane (PU) layer to ensure consistent temperature maintenance.  All units are stackable with 4 way fork access, rubber tie downs and drain valves with rubber seals.

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ProductCapacityExternal DimensionsInternal Dimensions
In Stock
RIFT310310L915 x 715 x 765mm865 x 665 x 575mm
RIFTE400400L1200 x 1000 x 640mm1135 x 935 x 380mm 
RIFT25750L1220 x 1085 x 965mm1105 x 965 x 695mm
RIFT351000L Upright1220 x 1085 x 1275mm1105 x 965 x 1005mm
SAEPLAST 1000PUR1000L Squat1470 x 1170 x 939mm1380 x 1080 x 660mm
SAEPLAST 1400PUR1280L Squat1990 x 1170 x 881mm1870 x 1040 x 650mm
SAEPLAST 660PUR660L1230 x 1030 x 818mm1160 x 960 x 600mm
SAEPLAST 705 DEPURATION650L1130 x 1130 x 890mm1030 x 1030 690mm
SAEPLAST 405 DEPURATION412L1130 x 1130 x 580mm1030 x 1030 410mm
BONAR PB 21451000L Upright1230 x 1090 x 1250mm1100 x 970 x 1010mm
BONAR PB 1545680L Upright1220 x 1090 x 950mm  1120 x 990 x 700mm
BONAR PB11HL311 L Dry Ice107 x 71 x 92mm84 x 51 x 69mm
Upon Order
RIFT460460L 1230 x 1030 x 650mm 1165 x 965 x 430mm 
RIFT660660L1230 x 1030 x 820mm1165 x 965 x 600mm
RIFT10001000L1470 x 1180 x 965mm1390 x 1100 x 725mm 
RIFTE600600L 1200 x 1000 x 820mm1135 x 935 x 560mm
RIFTE10001000L Squat1470 x 1170 x 960mm1385 x 1085 x 665mm
SAEPLAST DXS335 PUR1000L1220 x 1092 x 1244mm1192 x 965 x 1016mm
SAEPLAST DXS332 PUR780L1220 x 1092 x 1041mm1192 x 965 x 787mm
Imported Insulated  Bins

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